Services and Activities

In order to enhance the care provided and enable you to fulfil your personal, social and psychological needs the following services and activities are available within Brindley Manor:


Religious and Spiritual Services





Activity Programme

Birthday Celebrations


Technology Centre with WiFi

Gardening Club

The development of the Daily Activity Programme and the Outings are decided in conjunction with the Residents’ Committee. Promotion of privacy and dignity will underpin all activities affecting residents in Brindley Manor Nursing Home. Best evidence and individual recognition of each resident’s personal standards and preferences for privacy and dignity, will be used to inform both personal care plans and the development of an organizational culture aimed at safeguarding the privacy and dignity of all residents. Complimentary daily newspapers are available to all residents.

The Dining Experience:

Our catering team at Brindley Manor are committed to ensure that the meals and snacks offered to you are to your satisfaction and meet your required nutritional needs.

Meal times are:


  • Breakfast commences at 8am (if you require cooked breakfast please note that this is available upon request). All breakfasts are served on trays to individual rooms.
  • Lunch is from 12.00pm to 1.30pm – Lunch is served in our dining room or room service is available.
  • Evening tea is from 4.00pm to 5.30pm – Evening tea is served in our dining room or room service is available.
  • Supper is served from 7.30pm or room service is available.

We would ask that visitors arriving at meal times do not enter the dining room in consideration of other residents. We are happy to offer room service if a resident has visitors at these times.

A full range of beverages, snacks and fresh fruit is available throughout the day and if you have any additional requests, please do not hesitate to ask any staff member.

Fresh water and light juices are available in all main seating areas and a supply is made available in your bedroom.

On admission we ask that you inform us of any likes and dislikes you may have and our menus are available for your perusal. Please feel free to discuss any other dietary requirements you may have with our chefs and we hope that you find your meals enjoyable and to your satisfaction during your stay at Brindley Manor.

Additional services:

Brindley Manor is an active participating member of the local community and therefore provides services to others who may be in need of our care. From time to time clients will attend for day care or daily for meals, and will be made to feel welcome and comfortable in our homely environment.